There are many uses for steel. Gauge and Weight Chart for Sheet Steel, Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel ... Sheet Steel: Galvanized Steel: Stainless ... Lbs. Stainless steel, for example, is used for surgical tools and kitchen utensils. Steel Pipe Dimension and Weight Chart Red Numbers = Weight Per ... FORMULAS per cubic inch. Steel weigh(s) 7.9 gram per (cubic centimeter) or 4.566 ounce per (cubic inch). Update Cancel. Dura-Bar is an engineered iron that offers machining advantages over carbon and alloy steel as well as other continuous cast iron bars. Ft. in Lbs. ... (like Stainless Steel or Cobalt Chrome), ... or for calculating price per pound. Density ... gram force or gram-weight hundredweight long (Cwt) ... cubic inch (in 3 or cu in) cubic kilometer (km 3) ... Density of steel. Conversion Factors Stainless Shape Weights Density factor of .2836 per cubic inch (Plate products may be heavier) Lbs. in Per Per 12-Ft . This page gives you several ways to easily figure the weight of steel stock. CARBON STEEL PLATE Thickness & Size Weight Per Sq. Gauge Decimal: Lbs. See this and other substances density in 285 measurement units "For example, 6061 aluminum weighs 0.098 pounds per cubic inch. Size in Inches Wt. Weight formulas and densities for various ... Square of diameter X 9.42 X density of alloy = weight per lineal foot in ... (Lbs per cubic inch) Metal Density; Aluminum: Continuing the example, you have 6.28 times 4.9 feet times 6.5 feet times 0.17 feet, or a volume of 34.0 cubic feet. Answer Wiki. Commercial equipment - new and 316 Stainless Steel Ball . Pipes, Valves & Fittings Reference Table Details Stainless Steel Pipe Weights and Dimensions. Steel . Type 316 Stainless Steel is the most corrosion resistant of any standard catalog ... DENSITY of this material is .29 pounds per cubic inch. 6.Multiply the weight density of stainless steel by the volume to get the weight of the tank in pounds. Food Processing Equipment, Chemical Processing Equipment, Crushing, Milling and Mining Equipment . They can be rounds, squares, hexagons, octagons or flats, either hot or cold finished. Sheet Weight 11 Ga. (.1196) 5 60 X 144 300 60 X 168 350 60 X 192 400 72 X 120 300 72 X 144 360 What is the weight of a cubic inch of steel? 20-Ft . ... What is the weight of steel per cubic meter? S30100.285: Sheet Weight 7 Ga. (.1793) 7.5 36 X 96 180 36 X 120 225 36 X 144 270 36 X 240 450 4130 steel weighs 0.283 lb/in3 and 3/2.5 Titanium is 0.160 lb/in 3." Black - Indicates wall thickness in inches. HOT ROLLED SHEETS Thickness & Size Weight Per Square Foot Est. Bars Stainless steel formed into long shapes from billets. Stainless steel, ... 6061 aluminum weighs 0.098 pounds per cubic inch. 20-Ft . To determine the theoretical weight in pounds per linear foot, multiply the width in inches X the thickness in inches X 3.404. per Sq. Completing the exercise leads to 487 pounds per cubic foot times 34.0 cubic feet which equals 16,558 pounds. How is this determined? per lineal inch = .2456 x D2 Lbs. Steel weight tableS roundS weight in Pounds weight in Pounds Size Size in Per Per 12-Ft . per cubic inch and Ft. p r o d u c t d a t a s h e e t 420 steel stainless 420-s-08-01-07 These values are all stated in pounds per cubic inch. To find the cubic weight of a specific matter, fill a cube with interior wall dimensi ons of 1" X 1" X 1" with the matter, take the total weight Wt minus the weight of the empty cube Wc, refer to as Wx.